In collaboration with the Hungarian choreographers Laszlo Fülöp and Anna Biczok bigNOTWENDIGKEIT investigate the great quick-change artists of Western history - hysteria.

We treat hysteria at its favorite place, the stage. Here it is invented as a disease, as an art form, as protest. Here it occurs as a symptom without cause and speaks in signs that mean NOTHING. Here it shows itself as what it is: the great teacher of contradiction. Nothing is certain, except for one thing: the hysteric needs her audience and seeks her viewers.

As if she were aiming a spotlight on the spectator, who, until then thought he was safe in the velvety darkness of his seat in the orchestra; Yet she is only explaining to him, that the quality of her own pain will bend to the pleasure of his own figurative desire. She entirely looses herself in the spectacle, demanding that every spectator be a true director.
(Georges Didi-Huberman)

Hysterology is presentation and self examination, lecture performance and melodrama. A web of relations between bodies, knowledge, desires and denial sets the stage for the stars of la Salpétrière. The famous seizure of the classic Grande Hystérie repeats itself in its disturbing beauty.
How can a seizure be rehearsed?
How to find a form for something intangible?
How to reproduce a phenomenon, which has as many faces as the people trying to understand it?

bigNOTWENDIGKEIT & Laszlo Fülöp & NANASTROVA have come together for the Hysterology project. An idea and a blind date led to a collaboration in which the project was developed during periods at Schloss Broellin, in Budapest and in Berlin. Laszlo Fülöp and NANASTROVA aka Anna Biczok studied at the Budapest Contemporary Dance Academy and worked with various renowned dance companies from Hungary and other European countries. Since 2010, Laszlo Fulop develops his own works as a choreographer. www.laszlofulop.com